Friday, 30 November 2007

RSNA Breast Interventional Papers 2

More interventional papers given on Wednesday morning -

  1. Is surgical excision of core biopsy proven benign papillomas necessary? (Durham, NC) - close imaging FU is all they do in their practice.
  2. Underestimation of papillary lesions by core: correlation with surgical excision ( Scottsville, NY) - 6% underestimate by core. 91% of lesions were identified as atypical
  3. Follow-up rather than excision for papillary lesions with VAB (Philadelphia, PA) - 11g VAB can be safely followed rather than having surgical excision
  4. How many calcs for diagnosis in VAB for non-mass calcifications? (Korea) - 6 or more cores should be obtained
  5. Impact of 10g Vacora and 9G Suros ATEC biopsy for MRI guided biopsy (Bonn, Germany) - Lesions sampled at VAB reduced the chances of localisation biopsy
  6. 8G vs 11G needle diagnostic accuracy for stereo cores (Boston, MA) - improvement of over 90% by using 8G for calcs
  7. False -ve rate for 14G core biopsy (Korea) - accurate method for diagnosing cancer
  8. Clip displacement following VAB, comparison of conventional and gel markers(Vienna, Austria) - SenoRX clips cw Micromark clips. Displacement of up to 20mm with conventional clips. Conventional clips should no longer be used.
  9. Diagnostic accuracy of 14G core biopsy for Phyllodes tumours (Korea) - tendency to UNDERSAMPLE.