Sunday, 25 November 2007

Breast MRI Papers

Today in the Arie Crown Theater, there were some interesting papers on -
  1. Review of false negative cases (small size and masking with enhancing parenchyma - Chicago)
  2. Despite the use of pre-op MRI, no increase in Mastectomy conversion rate (San Diego)
  3. MR CAD - great for IDC but only 50% for DCIS (Toronto)
  4. Small cancers (<5mm)>
  5. Kinetics good for mass enhancement BUT NOT non-mass like enhancement (Chicago)
  6. Value of MRI in work up of lobular Ca (Nice)
  7. MR in occult metastatic malignancy - neg exam means treat axilla only (Milan)
  8. MR Galactography - initial experience (Erlangen)