Thursday, 6 December 2007

RSNA Breast Imaging - Mammography

  1. Assessment of microcalcifications with large core biopsy (VAB) in a screening population (Weisbaden, Germany) - biopsy of all clusters of microcalcification lead to an improvement in their benign/malignant ratio through increased detection of DCIS
  2. Coronary Artery Calcification on mammograms ? correlates with coronary artery disease? (Staten Island, NY) - No correlate with C.A.Disease, but with age only
  3. Mammo features post Mammosite therapy (Norfolk, VA) - 7x more likely to get seromas and 3.3x to get fat necrosis compared with whole breast irradiation
  4. Single dilated duct at Mammography - outcomes (San Francisco, CA) - Rare finding with a greater than 2% chance of malignancy. Should be called a BIRADS 4A rather than a 3 assessment
  5. Breast density evaluations from mammograms and central tomosynthesis projections (Philadelphia, PA) - Correlation better with tomosynthesis
  6. LCD vs CRT displays for digital mammography calcs and masses (Korea) - Comparable performance, but LCDs better than CRT for microcalcifications - non significant