Saturday, 17 November 2007

It's tea Jim, but not as we know it

My first week in San Francisco has been different to what I expected. The flight from Heathrow was delayed arriving due to strong headwinds, but the process through immigration was far easier than previously. The border guard was very pleasant, and took us through the paperwork for the I-94 that we had to complete when entering the country with an H1B visa.

Once we arrived at our rented apartment, and we had settled in, sleep took over. The great thing is that there is a Safeway across the road, so it was easy in the morning to get the essentials needed for breakfast, especially as the store opens at 5AM!!!. (see photo above - shot from the apartment)

I bought some Twinings Tea Bags, expecting them to be similar to home, but the whole taste thing was just so insipid!!! I have had that problem with Lipton's tea before, but never with 'British' teas. Oh well. Now I know why I used to take PG tips from Sainburys or Tescos to our vacation home in Florida. Obviously a job for the next trip home.