Monday, 10 December 2007

RSNA Breast Imaging - Ultrasound

  1. US screening of women with personal history of breast cancer: Cancer detection in the contralateral breast (Korea) - US can detect mammographically occult cancers - increased from 4 to 9 cancers in 1314 women
  2. Breast Ca staging using cortical thickness of axillary lymph nodes at ultrasound (Boston, MA) - Maximum cortical thickness of >3mm (compared with Nottingham Criteria of 2mm) is a simple and accurate sonographic criterion (US + FNAC/core gave sensitivity of 91%, specificity of 100%, PPV 100%, NPV 72%)
  3. 3D US for the identification and diagnosis of breast cancer (Peoria, IL) - SomoVu 3D reconstruction enabled visualization of mammo occult and MR occult lesions
  4. US screening of mastectomy site for detection of non-palpable recurrent cancer (Korea) - some recurrences visible when non-palpable
  5. Reproducibility of tool for breast ultrasound assessment and reporting (San Diego, CA)
  6. Adjunct diagnostic value of US in patients with suspected ductal breast disease (Rome, Italy) - Important role in the diagnosis of benign focal masses and duct ectasia. Can replace galactography
  7. Elasticity imaging of the breast: results of a multi-center trial (Korea) - high sensitivity in characterizing malignant breast lesions. Variability in specificity between centers requires standardization of the technique
  8. US Elastography of breast lesions associated with suspicious microcalcifications detected at mammography (Korea) - Malignant calcifications have less strain (HARDER) than benign calcifications
  9. Inter and Intra-observer agreement in interpretation of US elastography (Korea) - Interobserver agreement was moderate to substantial and intraobserver agreement was substantial to perfect for the visual assessment of strain images